Expanding Horizons

You asked - We answered

You asked, We answered

  • Q Where does your tour expertise come from?

    We have been working in tour planning for over 30 years. We are constantly researching new product, visiting properties and attractions so your tours are current, have the most suitable accommodation and attractions for your groups and you are aware of any new events or product in the marketplace. As part of the Expanding Horizons network you benefit from other tour operators experiences as well. The feedback we receive from tours on the road assists in ensuring we are using the best available suppliers who will do the best for your passengers.

  • Q Can you arrange Flights, Trains, Cruises and Coach Charter?

    Yes, we can do all this for you.

  • Q Do you have a cancellation fee?

    Expanding Horizons does not charge a cancellation fee if your whole tour cancels.  However there may be cancellation conditions from suppliers eg accommodation or airlines that will be passed on.  Expanding Horizons will remind you of these deadlines to avoid any out of pocket expenses.  For last minute single cancellations, passengers will incur a 10% administration fee inside 7 days of departure but we are committed to negotiate refunds on your passenger's behalf from suppliers.  Please be aware this can take up to 6 weeks for suppliers to advise.

  • Q How do I get charged?

    Our cost to you is always on a per person, twin share cost with a single supplement.  We will send you one invoice with the number of passengers travelling at the confirmed cost, when we receive your final rooming list.

  • Q How do you book my tour?

    The booking is in your name – it is your tour, not ours. The booking is made in your company's name, all bookings are confirmed in writing to Expanding Horizons before we confirm to you.

  • Q How much will it cost me to use Expanding Horizons to organise my tours?

    There is no charge to write, cost and book your tours, even if the tour cancels (with the exception of any suppliers non refundable deposits).  The only time we invoice you is when the tour operates and the cost has already been covered by your passengers per person cost.

  • Q What if I don't like a part of the tour?

    Not a problem - it is your tour - nothing is set in concrete.  We are happy to change any aspect of the tour for you and we encourage your feedback so we can make sure the tour is exactly what you are looking for before it is booked and costed.

  • Q What type of accommodation do you book?

    We use various standards of accommodation ranging from 3.5 to 5 stars depending on what you want.  All accommodation has an ensuite bathroom, the exception being properties in outback locations such as The Gibb River Rd or Cape York and in these circumstances, we will advise where shared facilities are located. We purposely look for accommodation with walk in showers and ground floor or with a lift (where possible) so it will suit a senior clientele. 

  • Q Will my passengers know that Expanding Horizons help me organise my tours?

    No - this is your tour.  We are behind the scenes helping you but it is your tour and you get the kudos.

  • Q How do I contact you?

    Via email (mail@expandinghorizons.com.au) or via our Toll Free number 1800 882 464.  If you have a problem while you are on the road (during working hours, after hours, over the weekend or even on Christmas Day) please call us as we have coverage 24 hours a day 365 days of the year.