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Monday, Jul 15, 2019

Stepping off the platform in Longreach saw the end of our relaxing journey aboard the Spirit of the Outback at the civilised time of mid afternoon. My first impression was of the wonderfully comfortable weather, a warm 25 degrees and the humbling friendliness of the locals.

It was fabulous being in such a remote town surrounded by unique tourism operators who really care about those visiting the region. Interestingly, the town’s streets are all named after birds – east/west are water birds (which happens to be the same direction as the nearby Thompson River) and north/south for land birds.  

The cool thing about Longreach is all the things you can do in such remote, bush country. The Thompson River gives you cruising at beautiful sunsets, Stations provide touring with station owners keen to share their stories of the land and the amazing Qantas and Stockman Hall of Fame museums gives you great insight into the outback pioneers who came before us.

A couple of hours north is Winton, home of the fascinating Age of Dinosaurs.  Positioned on top of a plateau the views across the plains are endless. It’s quite easy visualising the dinosaurs, who’s bones I was looking at, once roamed this very ground. The couple of hours I spent here whizzed by. 

The newly-reopened Waltzing Matilda Centre wasa total immersion experience and well worth the visitwith displays focusing on the Australian landscape, women of the homesteads, and the livestock and wool industries. 

Longreach is the perfect example of Queensland’s outback and a must-see destination to not only experience bush poets like Banjo Patterson and pioneers who formed the Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services but also a handy stop with all the amenities you need along an outback route, where there’s always something to see, do and encounter.

Mel / Product Manager.  Click here for a sample Outback Qld itinerary.