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Wednesday, Oct 9, 2019


There’s more to Uluru than ‘the rock’.  The small village of Yulara offers only the essentials but really the reason I found for being here is the immersion in the unique landscape that every Australian should visit.  Uluru is a surreal spiritual experience based on a culture that has held fast to its values for longer than a lot of us can imagine.  Often without written language, the stories and lessons of life are passed from generation to generation in a most appealing way.  Through interactions with various family groups to spread their beliefs encourages people to talk and most importantly – for people to listen.  One of the activities I did during my recent stay was a dot painting class.  I felt completely out of my depth on arrival but with some coaching and listening, my reticence led to understanding and I produced a piece of art that told my story and made me very proud.  To visit this area is to begin to understand Australia in a unique way. Click here to view a link of our sample tour.

Vanessa Templer / Tour Designer.