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Monday, Mar 5, 2018

The product staff chose some very special clients to showcase an area that is not generally offered as a stayput destination – "Sydney Sideways” - we slid to the west of Sydney and based ourselves and our touring from Parramatta.

What a surprisingly interesting spot to be.  The history is fascinating and we sourced excellent guides to showcase its beginnings and truly bring to life the struggles the early settlers here had to deal with.  Parramatta is definitely not a gloomy place now,  there are a multitude of modern eateries and a vibrant feel to the progressive city, which is welcoming visitors with open arms.  The hospitality at our hotel was second to none and it was hard getting out of those big, comfortable beds in the morning but with a top class breakfast spread waiting for us we managed to begin our days very well fed.  Hopping on the ferry to get into Sydney central was a novel way to avoid traffic and assured us of relaxed travel to start and end the day.  We even had a ride on the Ferris wheel at Luna Park before a very extravagant High Tea that the white rabbit would have made time to enjoy!

With many other features, too many to mention we can safely say our clients and the staff all had a most enjoyable few days learning to look at things from a different perspective.  New destinations or old destinations in a new way is something the product team are always on the lookout for.  Until next time – travel well.